🔸Workshop: Online book club hosted by Lively Up Yourself 🔸Staff Engagement: 4 week engagement service 🔸Meeting Platform: MS Teams, Zoom, Skype, Google Meet 🔸Equipment provided: Book - Paperback or Kindle Format 🔸Price: Group price from £199 per group 🔸Capacity: 20 per group, multiple groups can run at any one time.


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Lively Up Yourself Online Book Club

Introducing the Lively Up Yourself Online Book Club, the ultimate engagement-enhancing wellbeing activity for businesses of all sectors. 

Whether you choose to run it ad-hoc or on a monthly basis, the benefits of staff connection and enhanced well-being are profound. Our unique offering not only promotes staff well-being but also strengthens team bonds and bolsters a sense of worthiness, making it an invaluable addition to your workforce's wellbeing initiatives. 

What is included in the package?

  • Dedicated Programme Manager:  All aspects of planning, book delivery and hosting of the session is carried out by your Programme Manager
  • Paperback/Kindle Books Provided: Books or Kindle downloads are dispatched 4 weeks before the scheduled online book club date.
  • Promotional Material: All promotional material and marketing content can be provided to support the promotion of the book club. LUY can manage the marketing across your relevant social and communication platforms ensuring your staff are fully engaged and informed.
  • Manage Registration: We liaise with staff, handle the registration process seamlessly, making it effortless for everyone. We provide detailed reports on engagement, registration, and attendance.
  • Ongoing Engagement with Staff: We stay connected throughout the month, offering guidance and facilitating thought-provoking discussions.
  • Host Online Book Club: LUY host an exciting book club gathering at the end of each month, creating a memorable closing to the literary journey.

Maximum capacity is 20 participants per club. Multiple clubs can run at any one time.

What can your organisation gain from this opportunity? 

Enhanced Staff Wellbeing: Beyond being a mere escape, reading opens doors to a healthier, happier mindset. Our book club is a proven way to elevate your team members' wellbeing.

Fortified ConnectionsIn an era where disconnection sometimes prevails, our book club cultivates profound connections among your staff, bonding them through shared stories and meaningful discussions.

Acknowledged Employee ValueEach employee holds immense value, and our book club magnifies that significance. It's a small yet impactful gesture that conveys the importance you place on your team members.

It's not just a book club; it's a profound contribution to staff wellbeing in the workplace.

Click here to contact us or email info@livelyupyourself.co.uk to embark on this transformative journey! 

Pricing Starting from £199 per month. Custom pricing available based on your needs,

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