Welcome to Lively Up Yourself, where we've been spreading the vibrant energy of wellness, happiness, and connection for over four years. 

Through our live online workshops, we've touched the lives of thousands of individuals across various organisations. 

We believe that fostering wellbeing and positivity among your staff is not just a goal; it's a mission we embrace wholeheartedly.

Our online wellness service is built on the belief that everyone can benefit from a dose of wellbeing and fun in their daily lives. No matter your profession, taking a 30-minute break during the day to engage in activities that brighten your day is something we all deserve. Let's make wellbeing an integral part of your team's journey.

Your dedicated team

Your dedicated team

Our passionate Programme Managers and workshop facilitators are dedicated to lifting the spirits of your participants. Whether it's a laugh-out-loud game of music bingo, an engaging and competitive quiz, a soothing meditation session, or an open discussion on positivity and manifesting, we explore every avenue to enhance wellbeing. When your team leaves a workshop with a smile, we consider it a job well done.

Hassle-free planning and organisation

Hassle-free planning and organisation

Our efficient organising and delivery service guarantees that your ad-hoc workshops and programmes are seamlessly arranged and hosted. It's our way of ensuring both managers and staff feel exceptionally well taken care of. Take a read of our steps to planning and hosting your workshop.

Stacy Tuohy

Founder/Senior Programme Manager

Meet Stacy, the driving force behind Lively Up Yourself. With over two decades of experience in event and project management, Stacy embarked on a journey in 2020. When the world faced the challenges of COVID-19, Stacy stepped up to support the NHS by orchestrating fun and wellness-themed online workshops for their isolated workforce. Now, nearly four years later, Lively Up Yourself's commitment to the NHS endures, and its reach has expanded to encompass businesses across all industries. Stacy's passion for wellbeing shines through, and she and her dedicated team are on a mission to deliver workshops that have a lasting positive impact on individuals' wellbeing.

Katie Taylor

Programme and Operations Manager

Meet Katie, our Operations Maestro with over 10 years of experience in administration and operations. She's been a vital part of the LUY team for two years, driving excellence in programme management. Katie's keen eye for detail and precision infuse effectiveness into Lively Up Yourself. With her infectious personality, our clients find working with Katie is an absolute delight.


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Health & Wellbeing Practitioner


Online Chef


Music Bingo and Quiz Master


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Solo Singer


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Laughter Yoga


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