Flexible Delivery

Whether it's a single session or a weekly programme of online events, we acknowledge that different organisations have different needs and requirements when it comes to promoting wellbeing. By having a dedicated Programme Manager, a tailor made programme can be developed meet your specific needs and goals. By having a customised approach, this can lead to more impactful experiences and better outcomes for the organisation and its employees.


Dedicated Programme Managers

Every organisation is assigned a dedicated Programme Manager. Your Programme Manager will arrange your sessions and carry out every step of programme organisation (see image below), keeping you fully informed of progress. Programme management is prioritised to ensure all aspects of session delivery are stress free for the organisation and those who attend sessions. We are committed to delivering a high-quality and effective programme.


Planning, execution, evaluating - we've got it covered

By organising all steps of the programme, such as sourcing facilitators, managing staff registrations, internal marketing and delivery, we save time for you and ensure a seamless experience for attendees. Efficient organisation and management can also contribute to a positive experience for attendees. By ensuring that the programme runs smoothly, attendees are more likely to be engaged and motivated to participate actively in Lively Up Yourself.