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Celebrating NHS 75: Lively Up Yourself's Weeklong Online Programme

At Lively Up Yourself, we couldn't be more thrilled to join the nation in celebrating the NHS turning 75. To honour this monumental occasion, we have curated a weeklong online programme filled with fun, entertainment, and wellness-themed sessions. 

Our goal was to uplift the spirits of NHS staff, foster engagement among colleagues, and promote various aspects of wellbeing. 

Fun and Entertainment Galore

Laughter and joy are the perfect ingredients to celebrate the NHS's remarkable milestone. That's why we lined up a fantastic array of fun-filled sessions. Music bingo, a delightful twist on the traditional game that combines catchy tunes and friendly competition. It's a sure fire way to create a lively and engaging atmosphere. We were also thrilled to present live music shows, featuring talented artists who will serenade you with their incredible performances. And for the culinary enthusiasts among us, our Cooking Classes offer a chance to learn new recipes, experiment with flavours, and have a great time in the kitchen.

Wellness-Themed Sessions for Mind, Body, and Soul

We recognise the importance of holistic wellbeing, and that's why our programme included a range of wellness-themed sessions. Meditation allows us to take a deep breath, find your inner calm, led by experienced instructors. We discovered the power of mindfulness as we relaxed and let go of stress, and recharged our mind. Our Yoga and Pilates classes are designed to promote physical strength, flexibility, and mental clarity. On the mat we were guided through invigorating poses and soothing flows. Additionally, we hosted Virtual Coffee Sessions to provide some time for a catch-up on all things NHS and anything else that came into our minds!

Promoting NHS Staff Well-being

At Lively Up Yourself, our utmost priority is the wellbeing of NHS staff. Through our carefully crafted sessions, we aim to provide an immersive experience that enhances overall wellness. Our interactive and enjoyable activities are designed to boost mood, encourage engagement between colleagues, and create a positive impact on staff morale. We understand the challenges and demands faced by healthcare professionals, and we believe that taking time for self-care and relaxation is essential to maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

As we commemorate the NHS turning 75, Lively Up Yourself is honoured to contribute to the celebrations with our weeklong online programme. We invited NHS staff to join us in experiencing a delightful mix of fun, entertainment, and wellness-themed sessions. We celebrated together, uplifted one another, and acknowledged the incredible work of healthcare professionals across the nation. 

Here's to the NHS and the dedicated individuals who make it shine! #NHS75 #LivelyUpYourself #StaffWellbeing

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